Doppelskangers/Flaccid Reflux split LP now available

The long-awaited split LP featuring six songs by the great Irish punk/ska misfits DOPPELSKANGERS and 13 sloppy punk gems by the Irish-American hybrid FLACCID REFLUX is not available. Randomly splattered vinyl, so each LP is unique. Comes with download code.



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Sivle Si Dog's "concussion" ep now available

Founded in Boone, NC in 1993, surrounded by hippie jam bands, Sivle si Dog established themselves at the vanguard of a wave of alternative/punk/art-damage bands that emerged in western NC over the next few years. Relocating to Boston in 1996, they continued to release their own brand of rock, infused with elements from punk, grunge, metal, pop, humor and alcohol. They called it quits in 1998, staying close friends but going their own musical ways. 
Then, fifteen years later, the original line up got together over a weekend and recorded four songs. It was the first time the four of them had been all together in the same room for 15 years. To celebrate, they hit Jody on the head really hard with a garage door. It took almost two and half years to finish the recordings. But here they are -- four songs of blistering goodness. Classic Sivle si Dog.

Written, recorded and mixed by Sivle si Dog. 
Mastered by Dave Williams of Eight Floors Above. 

Chris: Drums 
Jody: Guitars 
Jack: Bass, backing vocals 
Kevin: Throat 
Nathan: in abstentia

DOTT on RTE's Late Late Show

Last Friday night, DOTT was the star musical attraction on RTE's Late Late Show (Ireland's preeminent late night show). They start playing around the 38 minute mark. The song is from the 'Button' EP available through Girth -- and they freakin' nail it. Such a perfect performance!!  Watch it HERE.

Another great review of THEM MARTYR's EP

from Razorcake 

THEM MARTYRS: Wretched: 12” EP

What happens when you extract the heaviness of Botch, the depressing mood Buzzoven puts you in, and the best metal-influenced guitar licks carried over from the last Doomriders album? You get a quality metalcore record without the glossy cover magazine posturing or the boredom brought on by dozens upon dozens of open-air festival bands who can’t seem to understand that heavy music is just no good without up-to-par songwriting. Great stuff. –Juan Espinosa