DOTT on RTE's Late Late Show

Last Friday night, DOTT was the star musical attraction on RTE's Late Late Show (Ireland's preeminent late night show). They start playing around the 38 minute mark. The song is from the 'Button' EP available through Girth -- and they freakin' nail it. Such a perfect performance!!  Watch it HERE.

DOTT – Button EP!!!!!

OH WOW! We are so excited to announce that we are the exclusive North American distributor of the debut EP by the amazing Galway, Ireland group Dott! Dott play shiney, harmony driven garage pop and they are getting rave reviews. Dott is lead by songwriter Anna McCarthy (guitar/vocals) with Laura Finnegan (bass), Nico la Cosgrove (guitar) and Tony Higgins (drums). The debut EP, Button, was released by Dublin-based Popical Island, but we’ve worked out a deal to distribute it in North America. 

Niall Byrne, "Glowing garage pop, catchy and super fun"

Jim Carrol, On the Record, The Irish Times: "Sunny garage rock with dash, shizzle and superfly choruses from Galway-based underground supergroup."

Available now!

Available now!