Yet another positive review of RUBBER CUSHIONS

“a pretty solid slab of heavy garage punk. Immediately brings to mind the Mono Men and the Nomads, which is certainly fine with me. White vinyl single, download code, this is twenty-first century, heavy garage for all the hot rodders out there missing the Scandi rawk revolution.”

– Mike Frame; Razorcake (yes, that is the 3rd review of the 7″ in the great Razorcake)

Review of RUBBER CUSHIONS in Razorcake

Razorcake ran another review of the Rubber Cushions’ 7″. Check it out:

Crazy: 7″ single

Huzzah! Huzzah! What’s up with hiding the scorcher on the flip? “I Won’t Be Your Lover” should have been the A-side. Not that “Crazy” is a sloucher, as it’s definitely a strong song. But that previously-mentioned song on the B-side—whoa! Fast paced and rocking like a muhfugga. They slow down in the middle, put in some harmonica, catch their breath, then put the flame back on high. Now, back to the song “Crazy.” Reminds me of the Standells and Music Machine: hard-hitting tempos, catchier than hell, and delivered with attitude. Damn good record!

–Matt Average

Razorcake review of RUBBER CUSHIONS 7″

Todd Taylor himself, editor of Razorcake magazine, reviewed the Rubber Cushions 7″ in the latest issue (#62). While admitting to not being a fan of the particular style, he still said some pretty nice things. Such as:

“Rubber Cushions play a very apt retelling of Stooges-era punk; one leg straddling Chuck Berry, gyrating their pelvis right into the listener’s face. Rubber Cushions are definitely talented and are expert channelers of dirty rock’n'roll."

I can live with that.

Razorcake review of Drain-O re-issue

The newest issue of Razorcake magazine (#59) has a review of the re-issue of Sivle Si Dog’s Drain-O 10 ” EP:

"A reissue of this North Carolina band’s 1994 debut. This is what it’s all about. Small town outcasts hell-bent on flipping out the squares. But this music isn’t punk so much as grunge. Not that Pearl Jam shit. This would scare the Capri pants off sorority girls. It’s snide, murky hard rock, like Mudhoney, Tad, and Fitz Of Depression. While not essential, especially if you don’t already own “Superfuzz Bigmuff,” this is an interesting document of what was going on in the punk scene in those odd couple of years between Nirvana and Green Day. Bonus points for the anti-Bush song being about the first President Bush. Four studio tracks, two decent-sounding live ones."

–CT Terry

Not too shabby. Check out the 10″ on the ‘Releases’ page for yourself!

MaximumRocknRoll reviews Drain-O re-issue

Sixteen years after it’s release, MaximumRocknRoll has reviewed Sivle Si Dog’s Drain-O EP. In part, here is what they say:

“First song is awesome and got me goin’ in a good ANTISEEN hate groove, then the other two on that side got way boring. Side B is better. Reminds me of a lot of bands seen at the Kennel Club, I-Beam and Chameleon in the late ’80s and early ’90s like PLAINFIELD, GROTUS, SURGERY, etc. A little dated but worth a listen.”

I can live with that. If you want to check it out for yourself, Drain-O (and the superiorRoom 30) is available under the RELEASES tab above.

Also, I finally got some MP3 files up for Drain-o and Room 30. I’ll try to get at least one file up for all future releases.